Danielle Lagrange is a soul business coach who helps you reconnect to your intuition and share your unique energy with the world in an impactful way so you can create the abundant, freedom filled life you desire.

Danielle is based in a small northern town in BC, Canada, but works with clients all over the world. Her goal is to unite women from all countries to empower one another to chase our dreams and magnetize the prosperity we are meant to have.

After years of working with different coaches, I was taking a break. Seeing what I could do myself. I have a budding copywriting business that I’m working to replace my teaching income. Then, an opportunity to work with Danielle came up. After the free call, I literally talked to everybody in my life about how amazing and empowered I felt. We connected so well! Since I committed to working with her, SO MANY opportunities have come up for me in the direction I want to go. If you’re looking for a coach who will hold you accountable, challenge you in the best ways, and help you celebrate your victories, you should DEFINITELY work with Danielle!

Taylor Willard