Let me introduce myself

Hi there! I’m Danielle.

My passion for helping others has been deep rooted and often misguided. My heart was always in the right place, but I learned at a young age that unsolicited advice doesn’t make you too many friends. So instead, I’ve become an introspective, solitary creature who, like many stay-at-home moms, craves adult interaction more than a smoker craves nicotine.

I’m awkward. I can’t start a conversation to save my life. I get overexcited at the prospect of making friends. I’m a thinker, not a feeler. I nerd out about science, politics, and Harry Potter. I have severe anxiety that tells me that no one actually likes me, and while I try not to believe it, I often wonder.

Welcome to my unfiltered, raw, and probably unflattering blog. I’d like to think of it as the same kind of sentiment as taking off your bra at the end of a long day… Feels damn good, but not everyone wants to see it. If you’re one of the pervs who’s sneaking a peak, well, hello!

I’ve decided to start up a blog to keep all of my info, resources, and more in one spot!

My main topic will be my new journey of self discovery and finding my passions.

I have recently discovered that my current position and career path may not be meeting my needs for deep connection and fulfillment, and that has turned into a full-fledged identity crisis because I don’t know what my passions are anymore. I’ve gotten so caught up in being a mom and wife, that I’ve forgotten my own hopes and dreams. I’m hoping that by blogging my way through this, I will find some clarity for myself, and hopefully inspire others as I go! This will be the raw, emotional, non-filtered truth of my thoughts, feelings and challenges, as well as a place to celebrate my victories.

I firmly believe that a part of success and fulfillment is finding a tribe of like-minded individuals. If this sounds like you, slide into my DMs and let’s embark on this journey together! I legitimately look forward to connecting with you.

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